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Thread: Blade show in Atlanta

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seth View Post
    I always loved the cross-cultural aspects of forums. I spent my whole life in Philly and NY and driving past cows makes me nervous. I wouldn't know a Venison if I saw one walking down the street. GF is part cuntry (her words), though. I guess I'll have to move to the suburbs so I can learn to hunt. Mario; it's the accent....
    I am very familiar with the accent,my wife is from Redbay Al. You should take up hunting.I have been harvesting venison with a bow and arrow for a very long time.There really is nothing like sitting 20' up in a tree and bagging some deer.They do grow up very tasty here in the midwest.

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    Who will go from the forum?

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    I'll be there for sure. You should look for a direct flight from Oslo to Atlanta. Biggest knife show in the world.

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    The incredibly sophisticated Boise, ID <g>
    Clearly a $500 custom knife would be much better for deboning quail. <g>

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