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Thread: Backyard knife/ first rehandle

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    I have an old Ontario Knife Co. chef knife that's profile is nearly identical to my 210mm Konosuke gyuto.
    As mentioned, it's a really good knife. Takes a good edge and holds it fairly well, takes a beating too. I use it for the more unsavory tasks around my kitchen. Rust forms quite fast though, iirc, just a couple of minutes.

    You handle looks good. Better than what came on them new. I should do something with mine too, it's ratty, add it to the list I suppose....

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    Quote Originally Posted by johndoughy View Post
    That's a good job! Can't beat the "quality tool left outside for a while" finish.
    Think more in terms of "patina", well, well, seasoned patina.

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    I love old knives.

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    To 99limited:
    I have found a few used ones in a local knife store for not much money. Would you like me to get some pics and measurements for you? If they don't ship I could expedite the process for you.
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