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Thread: Youtube AWESOME!

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    Now I just need to find a fresh supply of spanish mackerel in Chicago :big eek: .
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    How a real man seasons a wok.

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    Makes you feel like a dick, I'm at home faffing about getting it seasoned and maintaining it and this guy does it in no time. Alright in a kitchen but doing that at home you'll kill yourself with the fumes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mpukas View Post
    How a real man seasons a wok.

    Seven millshion BTU's!!!!
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    The alleles created by mutation may be beneficial

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    I was worried the pan was going to start to melt.

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    That guy is nuts! A veteran for sure...he's handling that ripping hot stuff like it's no big deal.

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    And hardly breaks any sweat!

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    Quote Originally Posted by eshua View Post
    I see your elton brown and raise you whatever the hell this amazing is.

    he is hand pulling noodles
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    Quote Originally Posted by maxim View Post
    Thats Hot

    She had me at the stone, but then when I saw her handle the fish- I think I'm in love...

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