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Thread: Youtube AWESOME!

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    It's not a knife, but it is AWESOME.

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    I just posted about this guy in other thread buy he deserves to be also here. He makes Urushi (japanese lacquer) tableware and documents in great detail the process. This series is particulary epic (fifty something videos)

    and this is his last series called "small knife, smoked bamboo"

    he sells his stuff here:

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    Quote Originally Posted by BurkeCutlery View Post
    Yeah, some serious skills, he is pushing the thing with the shinogi line.
    how about those serious rolling pin skills? that was equally impressive to me.
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    Carter just added this one. This video is so kickass, to me. I love the efficiency, the practicality, there is so much of this that I do and a few things I would do if I were doing that kind of process. Say what you want about Carter or his marketing, I feel his work and his production is no bull, real-world, and excellent design. It's videos like this that I find inspiring. I see this and want to do it.

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    Yes! Best video I've seen of the process, and in fact the only one I've been able to watch all the way through in one go.

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