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Thread: Youtube AWESOME!

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    I've done a lot of cooking stunts but this is over the top. Definitely AWESOME category

    Decent Knife too, though I would have gone for a longer blade myself
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    Thought this was good. He touches on a lot of points that people often ask when beginning sharpening.
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    Oh my WHAT?

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    Jon needs to get himself a little 3-wheeled truck and drive his water stones around LA - actually one these would be more appropriate. LOL!
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    I need to get those knives. Right this moment. Please ID.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xuz View Post

    I need to get those knives. Right this moment. Please ID.
    First knife is a Masahiro. I googled "masahiro ice carving" but didn't find anything cleaver-like. So it's probably this noodle knife:

    EDIT: 2nd one from the top because the 1st one is single bevel

    EDIT2: found it here too LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Don Nguyen View Post
    Oh my WHAT?

    Don you always post the most insane stuff. This blew my mind. Cutting threads, and machining to a press-fit all BY HAND? ***?!?! Also, I don't know if it was just omitted via editing, but I never saw him actually measure with anything other than the corresponding work pieces: no calipers or even a ruler or simple template.
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    Seriously Justin, I about pooped my pants when I saw him do those threads.

    Here is another machining one. So quiet a machine, yet such heavy passes.

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