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Thread: A short W.I.P - "refurbish" as practice

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    A short W.I.P - "refurbish" as practice

    Got a really ****** knife from my boss. This knife has been a practiseknife and I imagine every single coarse sharpeningstone (and maybe diamondplates) have been thrown at this knife. As you can see the knife got abused big time No grind, jigane, lots of scratches, high and low spots etc.

    So first I tried to make scratchpatterns even with a coarse synthetic. When done I used a tsushima to erase the coarse scratches. A medium polisher was used for the next stage - followed by a finisher. After 4 hours of work this is the result:

    And from another angle:

    + one more:

    To be continued ......

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    Great start! What more plans do you have for this knife?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Twistington View Post
    Great start! What more plans do you have for this knife?
    Well as mentioned I just practise. I really don't think this knife is usable - well it can cut but the geometry is ruined. So I will try to establish the front side (shown on the pics) - create the grind, make the jigane show properly (what's left of it), make a good polish/reflection - only on j-nats, not by using fingerstones ... well many options I guess. Will be good practise for sure

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    great job Peco

    and for first knife, i like it

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    If you can get the geometry right then I think this would be a very good practice knife, and worth the time and effort. Excelent job on the finish.

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    One important lesson I learned is that a polish can cover up a lot of mistakes. Even though I got a good reflection when watching the knife from the side - or at a specific angle - that look is far from the truth (previous pictures). Looking at the knife from the front shows that I'm far from finished. The geometry doesn't even look good yet. I didn't finish the wide bevel/grind on the heel or tip and the horizontal line is wavey and far from crisp. There are still low and high spots but the jigane starts to develop. Still some work to do on the coarse stones ...

    Same knife - different view:

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    I thought that the angles in the after pics were suspicious!
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    If this is a dumbass question please let me know, but did you do all the polishing on the stones?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevenStefano View Post
    If this is a dumbass question please let me know, but did you do all the polishing on the stones?
    No questions are stupid Yes I did the polish on the stones.

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    Nicely, done. Interested to see it finished.

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