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Thread: Cheap Hypnotherapy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salty dog View Post
    Longest day of my life.
    I use scopalamine patches on my long trips. Works wonders. Guys would tease and say you grew up deck handing why are you wearing that,by the end of the trip they knew why I wore it and wish they had. Equilibrium changes as you age. The only cure for sea sickness once you have it is an old oak tree.

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    So freaking true.

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    I've come close to being sea sick before, but I had some food to eat and it went away?? Go figure...I feel nauseaus, ate some venison jerky and felt fine?? Sometimes it's because you don't have food in your stomach that you feel sick I found, or are very tired. Can't wait to go offshore tuna fishing again!!!

    Funny, I have a few of Marks pieces of wood that I just sit and look at some times Especially that killer Redwood Burl

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