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Thread: Surprises OOTB - The Positive Side

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seth View Post
    I was. Then again, I have a watch I would gladly trade in for.....umm.... eight knives...
    Sorry, didn't mean to get off track. Although, sharpening stones are kind of off track too. My apologies.

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    One of the OOTB surprises I had came fairly recently. I picked up a Kanetsune 210mm gyuto with AS core, stainless cladding. I was expecting a thicker, heavier knife, kinda like a Hiromoto AS. When I got it, I was shocked. The AS core was exposed pretty high up the blade, but the blade itself was thin!!! I found out when I re handled it that the bolster was actually mostly hollow, which saved a lot of weight. I took it OOTB and put it on my Rika 5K and a J Nat Okuza Asagai (I think that's the spelling?). Stupidly sharp edge. Being so thin, I wasn't sure if it was really convex ground at all, but I got to use it today on potatoes, mushrooms, onions and steak. It went thru the veggies as well if not a little better than my Tanaka Nakiri!!! No wedging at all, no tears from the onion. Very clean and thin slices. There was some stickage, but the food slid off fairly easily. The potatoes stuck no where near as bad as they do to my KiKuichi Elite Carbon gyuto.

    I finally found a Laser Western handled gyuto!!! I just wish they made a 240mm in this series.

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