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Thread: Konosuke Fujiyama Kiritsuke Gyuto ...ramblings and pics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by labor of love View Post
    Whats the difference in performance between the white 1 and 2 fujiyamas?
    I haven't been able to determine any noticeable difference between the two..they both take a super sharp edge easily (feels very smooth on the stones) and hold it almost as long as the HD I used to have. I only had to sharpen my HD about once every two weeks (poly boards/ much prep) and I'd say I'll have to sharpen the carbons every 10 days or so. Not a huge difference and that's taking into account my desire to have the edge perform close to 100%...if I was not as so picky, I could prob. double the time between sharpening on the stones (taking into account regular honing).

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    From my experience white #1 is an incredible "pure" steel. It feels really nice and smooth when sharpening on the stones and has the ability to get screaming sharp provided you have the fine stones to bring that edge out. It also leaves little to no wire edge. It's the only knife that I can't really microbevel because 1) the edge is already really clean coming off the stones and 2) I just end up rounding out the edge of my knife because my edge is so clean. White #1 is really really nice. But to be honest in a practical working environment, the difference between the two is not noticeable. Only knife nuts and knife sharpening nuts can really tell the difference, as both steels get screaming sharp and will rust if not taken care of.

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    Sorry to point out, but the knives are nasty. They are dirty - they need to be scrubbed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by john2680508 View Post
    Sorry to point out, but the knives are nasty. They are dirty - they need to be scrubbed.
    Ah, just what we need around here - someone with a sense of humor.

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    i'm starting to like patina... how very odd...

    lovely knives. what happened to your HD btw? did you get rid of it?

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    I too like patina, but the knives posted look to me to be getting too close to rust...all I use are carbon knives but that rust color makes me think of rust. I believe it would make me scrub my knives down and start over as well. I like the blues and purples--even a nice dark gray can look sexy as hell, but orange freaks me out. Curious how others feel--am I just paranoid or ?
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    I have the same knife, and it's screamin'... gets a great edge! I'd say in the top three that I own.

    That being said, guess there's a fine line between oxidation and patina...

    Wish I knew more about patina and bacteria also....


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    holy rust, Batman!

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    ive owned a number of carbon, usually clad carbon that seems to take orangish/brown patina. In my case it certainly wasnt rust, however it was definitely unappealing.

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