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Thread: Not sure what I should do.

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    Not sure what I should do.

    I dealt with a customer poorly today.
    Even though I was right, the way I dealt with it was wrong.
    I am not sure if I should just leave it alone,
    or If I should call back and apologize.
    I am not asking if I was right or wrong, just what you think I should do.

    A little background on the situation.
    A customer had purchased a piece from my webstore with a non knife project in mind.
    Dimensions for the piece were listed as 5" x 2&1/2" to 1&1/2" x 1&1/8 This is just an example, may not be the actual numbers.
    The photo showed both sides of the piece with an obvious taper of the width.

    The customer called me and said that the piece has a taper and was not going to work for his project.
    I told him that I was sorry it would not work for his project, and that I would refund his money if he wanted to send it back.
    He said, no that he liked the piece and would use it on other projects.
    Next he told me the dimensions he needed and asked if I would let him know if a piece with those dimensions and similar price became available.
    I told him I had more koa coming in soon from stabilizing and if I saw a suitable piece I would let him know.
    I also asked him to send me an email with a recap so I wouldn't forget as I was cutting wood when he called.

    Now a little over a week later he calls again. His tone of voice was pleasant but what he said rubbed me the wrong way.
    Started with comments like;
    I don't know why it is so hard to do business with some companies.
    Why can't people keep their word and do what they say?
    Why are some companies so hard headed about fixing their mistakes?
    I told him I had some pieces that would work in size but cost was considerably higher than what he wanted to spend. I even offered a discount.
    I did not state that the mistake was his, not mine. Or even respond to the other comments.

    When it continued that he felt I had wronged him, I told him.
    Go ahead and keep the piece you have and I will refund what you paid.
    Just do not come back for future purchases.
    He said, no, I just won't talk to you anymore and buy from the website.

    My ego caused me to react poorly and I am not proud of my behaviour.
    But.....I did not raise my voice or use the F word.

    Should I call back and apologize for attempting to cut him off?
    Or just leave it alone and let things settle down on their own?

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    Just leave this, it's not worth the time or effort... in my eyes you have done everything to please him but when he drops comments like that you could give him your firstborn, 1kg of cocaine and a leg of your dog and he still would not have been pleased. He even failed to read the dimensions of the block and have the stomach to complain about it.

    But this is just me.

    -"we're gonna make gluten free lasagna"

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    You have his address. Send Guido over to straighten things out.
    Spike C
    "The Buddha resides as comfortably in the circuits of a digital computer or the gears of a cycle transmission as he does at the top of a mountain."

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    go to his house and punch him in the eye.

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    Sounds like the guy probably is a dou***Bag, but at the same time everyone can have a bad day. Working in a service type industry, I run into this type of situation occasionally. My first consideration is whether that individual can ruin your reputation in the industry. As much as it sucks to deal with that thought process, your name is your livelihood.

    I would give it a day to cool off both parties and call him up and say you feel bad how the conversation ended and you want to see if you can work through the issue. If he responds negatively, then state that you were hoping that you could work through it professionally and that obviously isn't going to work. Offer him a refund for the block (with a return of the block if he is still being a jerk) and walk away from it with a clean conscience. Life is too short to dwell on difficult people, especially when you have treated many of us very well.


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    let it go, you did the honorable thing and he kept pushing. Perhaps he was having a bad week. let it flow over and around you like water, yes you got a little wet, but you will be a little cleaner and you will dry off.

    look at me waxing poetic. yeesh!
    I haven't lived the life I wanted, just the lives I needed too at the time.

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    Oh and if that doesn't work - you have a forum full of knutcase gorilla's who could punch him in the eye.

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    let it go.
    Tom Gray, Seagrove, NC

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    There are a lot of Foxtrot Delta Bravo's out there. You can't make everyone happy even if you bend over backwards until your spine breaks in two. You can only be pushed so far and from the sounds of it you did not do anything wrong. Just do what your heart tells you because whatever we tell you, you are the one that has to live with the decision.

    And this is from a guy with anxiety issues who can't let anything go. Good luck and don't let this one situation keep you down in the dumps.

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    It's kind of sad that some people think they are the only ones in the world that a vendor has to deal with. And because they have Internet and email, they assume vendors are poised over their keyboards all day long just waiting to respond to any query within a milisecond. Some customers seem to forget that there is real work with being a vendor, and there are times when you can call and reach the vendor while they are not at their desk with pen and paper in hand.

    Heck, my wife falls into this trap a lot. But since I interact a lot with construction companies, I am used to people not remembering to follow-up, not having regular email access, etc. It makes it a little less frustrating as a customer if you do not assume the vendor has nothing else to do but be there to wait on you hand and foot whenever you need something. They are real people at the other end of the email/ phone line, and they have a lot of things they are working on.

    David (WildBoar's Kitchen)

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