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Thread: Cut Brooklyn Again

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    He seems to be making some decent knives, and seems like he genuinely cares about what he is doing. Personally, I have no desire to own one of his knives, though.

    The angle grinder makes no sense, I can't imagine how much time would be saved by using CNC of some sort.

    Quote Originally Posted by BurkeCutlery View Post
    Certainly don't ask Joel about any of that. At least not on the internet. He got flamed on a few forums at some point about his handles, profiles, etc. and apparently never got over it. He was really crappy to me when I offered to host a passaround for him, and guarantee the knife would be returned to him, just to have the chance to put his skeptics to rest, because I like American knifemakers. He got pretty insulting, and made it clear that he's busy because he is in a hip part of Brooklyn and doesn't want any more business. I still wish he'd get off his horse about it.
    That is unfortunate.

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    Love to see a guy pursuing his passion, and being humble about it. What I really appreciate about his work is that it's unique to him yet still comes across as a functional design.

    I like the look of his blade profile, on the fence about the handle. I'd love to try one.
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    I still wouldn't mind trying out one of his knives. But his price point seems a little high to me. But I didn't look at what steel he is using. I think his prices went up too.

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    Yeah, he'd kinda chic, and on that border between mainstream and New York underground.
    As for not taking Eamon, or myself up on offers, well, public scrutiny can be rough, and he has more business than he currently can keep up with. Whatever works, I guess...either way, I still wanna bang on one.
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    He seems to be a legit guy, no smoke or mirrors.
    While I like his blade designs, his handles seem a bit radical. But not having tried them I can only guess.

    On using a side grinder, as a part time maker myself, you sometimes use whats available. May not be the best or most economical way to do it, but its what he has, and it works

    Would be intrested in trying one out though!.

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    Yeah, easy to say laser cut, water jet, cnc, but if it's not in your budget...


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    If you are getting an entire sheet done, provided you can find a shop to do small jobs(which, if I can find in Texas, he can find in NY), the price of Laser cutting is comparable to what he would spend on cutoff wheels and belts. Not to mention the time it takes that he could be doing something else with his time. And the benefits of proper nesting are almost exclusively profit.

    Sorry, if you are making a billet at a time yourself, and then making custom one off knives like Randy Haas, I can see cutting them yourself. But this? Just seems to be extra work for the hell of it.

    I think his knives look like great cutters. I bet they are nice to use, and they've got an interesting look, like a Riceburner made by Ikea.

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    I think he is happier dealing with people outside the knife lover community. I met him at the NYC custom knife show several years ago before he had much publicity in the main stream media. I thought we had an agreement on him making a knife for me but when I didn't hear anything from him for several months I e-mailed and left a message on his phone. No answer. Waited another couple of months and tried again. Still no answer. I guess he can pick and choose who is allowed to own his knives.

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    Also, it was odd that he sharpened before finishing.

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    Up until I bought a metal cutting bandsaw, recently, I used a angle grinder to roughly cut out my profiles too. Sometimes you just have to use what you have on hand. I've only been making knives for a year, and started out grinding with a handheld belt sander because that is what I had. I've since moved up to a 2 x 72 I traded my pots for and a serious disk grinder, like Dave Martell's I think. I'm using 1/8" 1080 right now, and I grind in my bevels after HT also. With only 1/8" of steel to work with it seems to make sense to me. I also sharpen before handling then wrap my blades with paper and painter's tape.

    I really like his profiles, from a purely visual standpoint, and would love to try one out in my home kitchen. The guy is living an envious lifestyle doing something he digs, where he wants to do it. I think that's pretty cool.
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