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Thread: Cut Brooklyn Again

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    I'm curious now too. Especially since one his vids on YouTube he says he'd put his knife up against any Japanese made knife. Thems fightin words!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crothcipt View Post
    Vertigo have you heard back on this? Just wondering.
    Nope. Sent two emails and never got anything back, figured it was a lost cause. I'm not going to twitter someone to buy a knife, lol.

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    I would love to get a hold of one. I like 'em, and like the idea he is thinking outside the box design-wise, while they still appear to be comfortable and user friendly. Why in the world would he bother with a forum pass-around? His market, and consequent feedback, surrounds him. I'm sure he is getting, and has gotten, plenty of feedback from local chef's and avid home cooks in his surrounds, otherwise he wouldn't still be in business and (apparently) doing well. That feedback has put him into the position he is in now. I think he is in an enviable position.
    Tom Gray, Seagrove, NC

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    Sounds pretty much like the response I got from him too even after talking to him face to face at the New York Custom knife show. That was several years ago and his knives were fairly crude. The ones on the website look a little more refined these days.

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    I've seen a few in person and i thought they looked nice and felt comfortable...he seemed like a nice enough guy in person far as using one, never had the pleasure.....ryan

    viva la revolucion !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vertigo View Post
    Nope. Sent two emails and never got anything back, figured it was a lost cause. I'm not going to twitter someone to buy a knife, lol.
    Np I was hoping you had word from him. I don't even have a twitter account, not sure why anyone would want to do business on there anyways.
    Chewie's the man.

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    I thought about trying to just buy one too but he really doesn't keep much in stock and following him on twitter in hopes of being there when one comes up for sale seems a little complicated.

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    Looks like there is a "much thinner and lighter" (than usual) 240mm available for purchase right now:

    Edit: Oops, looks like it has sold (and at $575, not inexpensively!)

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    If another 240 comes up, I would be willing to buy it and do the passaround, so if you see one come up, PM me and I will see what I can do.

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    I'm on twitter and will try to keep up with what he has available. He posts new knives on Wednesdays and Saturdays. I'd like to be in on the pass-around.
    Tom Gray, Seagrove, NC

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