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Thread: The day wasn't good, but could've been a lot worse.

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    That kind of irresponsible behavior is just what gives all dog owners a bad rap. I have good friends with pit bulls and they have never had issues because those dogs have been trained since day 1. Then this weekend I find out that one of my foster children's father fights their pit bull. Just disgusting that this is so prevalent still.

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    Glad your parents are OK.

    I think those of us who own guns can relate. Some people are responsible, but then there are people who own things they have no business owning. Sometimes I trust pimps and drug dealers more than I trust this kind of people.

    Guns get a bad wrap, dogs get a bad wrap. But stupid people don't get enough if you ask me.

    Am I the only one who searched for The Edge from U2 and ended up here?

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    A similar story happened to my Mom except she never saw the pit coming at her from behind and her dog actually pushed her out of the way and got between her and the pit. Luckily he's a 90lb shepherd with a lot of thick skin and hair and neither dog was hurt. The female owner proceed to swear and threaten my mom, telling her that she better not call the police.

    My mom immediately called it in and then went to the police station the next day and talked to a detective, who instructed her to shoot the dog if it was off leash again and hinted that the same action taken against a physically threatening owner would also be understood / appreciated. By the time the court that deals with animal control issues got around to dealing with the situation, the owner and pit had moved.

    Problem with shooting a dog is that it's not easy to hit a 1'x3' target at ground level moving at 20mph+ when you only have a couple seconds at most to react. Also, don't forget that you're also responsible for what / whomever else you accidentally shoot in the process.
    Standard "self defense" pepper spray actually requires fairly close range and puts out a fairly small and short lasting spurt of the burny stuff - think "squirt gun filled with hot sauce." Plus, because the lawyers have to be OK with it being used on humans / not permanently blinding anyone, it can only be so strong. Bear spray, on the other hand, is a whole other story. Think "small, high-pressure, fire extinguisher, filled with the most potent, eye melting stuff possible" It requires much less fine motor skills than a gun and also less legal risk.

    So, my mom ended up going with a canister of the best bear spray available for the 4-legged threats, a chief's special for the 2-legged, and of course, the 90lb shepherd counts for something too.

    the "music" is horrible, but the video is pretty good:

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