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Thread: Suisin Inox Honyaki Wa-Sujihiki 240mm

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    Suisin Inox Honyaki Wa-Sujihiki 240mm

    For your consideration is a Suisin Inox Honyaki Wa-Sujihiki 240mm. Here's the facts:
    -I've had it for about 6 mo's. Used at home on a boardsmith.
    -Sharpened twice on Shaptons 1000 & 4000 stones, regular honing on strop.
    -Handle has been lightly sanded for comfort. Dave's boardwax applied to handle about every other week.
    -No visible flaws, chips, etc.
    -Does not come with saya. Does come with orig. box.

    $185 post paid (U.S.) by paypal gift ( or USPS M.O. I'll ship the day following payment.
    It's the knife in the middle in the pics below. I't's appearance has not changed since these pics were taken in Nov. Thanks for looking.

    Name:  6315232451_a958cc0460_b.jpg
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Coulda been a 6 minute sale if I wasn't broke. Damnit.

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    sent one too. oh well.
    I haven't lived the life I wanted, just the lives I needed too at the time.

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    Congrats on the quick sale.

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    wow just over 10 min. Not bad. I'm sure it was a photo finish.

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    Thank you so much...I am stoked!

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    It's a smooth slicer, I'm sure you'll enjoy it .

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    Awesome knife dirt cheap considering the price hike. Nice score. Almost considered buying it and having two!

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