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Thread: Damascus Knives & Re-Etchng

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThEoRy View Post
    I just did mt Tanaka 240 for the third time last night after my dishwasher decided to scrub it down with a brillo because he "thought it looked dirty".
    Yeah someone did that to my cast iron skillet once. "surprise we cleaned your nasty pan see it looks like new now"
    I was speechless for about 30 seconds. Then they fled the house.

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    This happened the very day after a different dishwasher, although related, cleaned up my hiromoto petty real nice!! Handle too!! 5 hours of my life, gone.
    Starting this harvest I'm a starving startling artist/
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    Great tutorial

    This was great reading on etching.
    Thanks Dave

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    Thank you so much Dave, very useful and interesting

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