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Thread: 86 Individual componets

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    The alleles created by mutation may be beneficial

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    Quote Originally Posted by brainsausage View Post
    Can't it be both?
    I don't think it could be both from my statement. They are somewhat mutually exclusive.
    Could this dish fall under category B? Sure. I just don't think it does when it is advertised as being 'lamb 86.'
    I like Grant, and most of his work, but this just doesnt appeal to me.

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    It's not even about the lamb anymore. Just call it 86 condiments.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew H View Post
    When a dish becomes special because it has so many components instead of being special and happening to have many components, there's a problem.
    I think one can lead to the other. I find it to be an interesting exercise in and of itself. It reminds me of the the typical take on a cheeseboard, where you have multiple condiments that you can mix and match to bring out different flavor profiles in the cheese, which I presume is the take here. I bet it'd be fun to eat, assuming you had the patience of course. As I understand it, that's his outlook with a lot of his food, turning it into an interactive experience on many levels. Not everyone's thing obviously.

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