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Thread: Julie Child on knives

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    So, dumb question, but how would she have had her knives sharpened back in the day? She seems to have a pretty keen edge and I'm sure her knives got plenty of use.

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    Found this clip from a letter Julia Child wrote. (It's in a book "Letters from Julia". She was younger when she wrote it, so not sure how she had things done later in life.)

    "As to knife sharpening, I am no expert. My husband, who is a one-man art factory, goes over them once in a while with a soap stone (carborundum with oil); and I keep an edge on them with a big steel fusil. I have once this year taken them all to a professional, who did a beautiful job, but I did feel he took off quite a bit of steel. However, I don't expect them to last a life time, I just want them to cut well. I don't know anything about hones. The next time I have the "man" sharpen them, I will hover over him, and report what he does. I think he has a mechanical wheel, and also a hand stone. Would be interested to hear how you like the Emmons Rifle, and what it is."

    Oh, and as far as sex appeal goes...

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    Now is not the time to bother me. And it's always now. Wiley Miller

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    Lucretia , I like your style ! Happy Easter.

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    Ha HaWhere do you guys find this stuff?Love Julia

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