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Thread: How often do you sharpen your go-to knife?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajhuff View Post
    I don't strop but use light strokes on a ceramic rod. I will go a loooooooooong time between sharpenings. I can't skin a tomato right now but I can still effortlessly cut slices. I just don't find that ultra sharpness of sharpness to be all that important in the kitchen. I find a knife that has 60-80% of it's original sharpness can still do 100% of the tasks I need it to do with ease.

    I love cutting with a freshly sharpened, hair popping edge, but chasing one endlessly isn't really practical with the volume of prep I do. Being mostly disinterested in sharpening as anything other than a maintenance step (not, say, a hobby or a sport), I'm happy as long as I can slice a tomato cleanly.

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    It isn't needed to have a hair popping edge, to cut a tomato. I don't have the stones to get that polished to do that. But I would love to get there soon. With that said I probably won't keep it that sharp when I do.

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    Like Vertigo, I am not really a big fan of sharpening. I usually go about a month with my HD, I could go a bit longer with my Rottman but it's a bit of a waste of time just sharpening one knife

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    I can usually go up to a month with carbon knives and a couple months with my hd. I strop every couple if uses. Im also a home user with a big rotation.

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    I might be an odd ball, but i usually give it a pass or two on the strop at least twice a week. My knives only see home use, but are used daily.

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    I strop after every use and usually sharpening every 2-3 weeks (depending on when I get time), but I also work in a pro kitchen.

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    I use a Ceramic rod and can keep a very sharp edge for upwards of a month. I will not be shaving with it, but the majority of the work is still cut through effortlessly. The manner a knife is used in can make alot of difference to.
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    Not very often. I think I've sharpened my two most used knives twice in the last 4 months. Everyone else's knives, however, it seems like all the time.

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    Maybe the OP should reconsider his progression. With some steels you won't have a stable edge unless you start with a relatively coarse stone. I don't know if it has to do with removing fatigued steel, or with tungsten carbides, but give it a try.

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