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Thread: Hi Everyone- Especially my honey Dave!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Martell View Post
    Nah I don't think it's really my love...bummer.
    Daaaaaaaave, now I am hurt. I guess I should have mentioned that one of the men on this forum was working in my NYC studio we started chatting and talking Knives and he mentioned what a great fan you were and I thought I would pop on in and say hello! (giggle) ( he helped me register, thanks JR!) I am a little surprised at some of the gross photos.... YUCK!. I travel a lot and I have down time, it's always fun to check in with my fans. To keep up with me you all are welcome to join my mailing lists>
    I am very interested in some of the knives you men are talking about, I may want to try some, where is a good place to buy a few?

    Busy busy with my upcoming promo tour for the show and the new cookbook. Oh...If you boys have any questions on cooking ask away!

    Take care Dave!
    I love a sharp knife almost as much as Dave!

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    Rach, you should come on down to PA, maybe we can get you to shuck some corn again? :biggrin2:

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    I'm laughing. So. Much. Right. Now.

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    Got to love this tread Dave it will become a classic for sure.

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    Is she choking her chicken no that's a rooster so she choking her co#$
    oh never mind here is a pic

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