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Thread: What┤s down your pipe?

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    <ahem> "Down the 'pike' "

    Hoping 2013 is the Year of the Burke.
    David (WildBoar's Kitchen)

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    I'm new to this, so what isn't coming down the pipe -- er, pike -- for me?

    I want to learn to break down whole fish, so a deba.

    I wish to prepare my own nigirizushi, so a yanagi.

    I would love to attempt to try to possibly get started learning to maybe some day begin to get the hang of katsuramuki, so usuba.

    I would love to have something more robust for breaking down chicken and parting other bone-in proteins, so honesuki/garasuki.

    I need something a little more agile for small items than my bigger gyuto, so a better-than-average petty.

    Officially in the pipeline? A Mike Henry-re-handled wa-conversion of the Tojiro 270 ITK "bread" knife, and some time soon after that a nice, long, single-bevel slicer of some sort. Unofficially in the pipeline? Re-handling my nakiri and possibly my gyuto (though I honestly like its stock ho D-handle).
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    More info!!!!

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    Do some wips on the rehandeling projects. Love those!
    And if you have the opportunity get a horn handle

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    For 2013, I'm hoping for one of Will Catchside's feather damascus gyutos and a Tsourkan beauty.

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    WillC got some really interesting knives.
    His feather are beautiful! .) Good choice. Marko is a safe buy, gotta love his knives. They are performers combined with beauty

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    Rick, that will be the knife of all knives (no pressure, Pierre). I can't wait to see that one come to fruition.

    I just keep imagining an old Irish Granny saying, "Ah, ip yer pipe". Followed by her slightly older looking husband in a gray wool cardigan responding, "Nay womun, doon YER pipe".

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    Rodrigue S35vn wa gyuto 270mm in the works, fork in the works, then sujihiki. After that when finances allow it will be a long blade in feather from Devin probably a suji maybe a Devin/Marko collaboration with saya.

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    For me I have a 180mm Nakiri on the way from Dave. After that I think I'll be going for a 240mm Gyuto of some sort and also a clever, thinking a CCK would be a good start. Also a J-Nat I think would be a nice addition to my stone setup.

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    Another newbie here and still ordering/trying out various makers wares (stock rather than custom at present). Next years a long way off and I'm sure there will be numerous purchases before then. This year looking to acquire knives from both Heiji and teruyasu Fujiwara. Next year well I'll probably concentrate money on fewer knives so will look more for custom purchases, I will try out Will Catcheside as as a fellow Brit I'd like to support. I know little about knives at present but am learning fast and would love to design something totally original (learning throughout this year my needs) as a project for someone?

    I'd also love to start making some nice handles out of British hardwoods being a carpenter (in the past) I 'd love to see what I can come up with time permitting.

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