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Thread: Delbert Gyutos in Stock!

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    I was just looking at the knives again and I'm so impressed with how thin Del is grinding his knives. I hope I can get mine close to this.

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    I like a nice trim girl just as much as the next guy but sometimes I really do like her to have some meat on her bones, if you get what I am saying

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    Del's work is awesome!!! Do you guys believe in blade at first sight??? I just had to have it!!

    I'm curious.... has anyone ever done the hidden tang design on a split Wa?? just brilliant! makes it balance better!

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    It is a great design that he's come up with. I hope that you get lots of enjoyment out of using it Victor.

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    Wow, that is thin!

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    Wow! your work is stunning Delbert! Those knives are going quick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Martell View Post
    All gone - thanks!
    Does Delbert make western handled knives too?

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