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Thread: Hey everyone!

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    Welcome!! I honestly don't think you'll be any less tempted if you move far away from EE. This forum would tempt you just as much. Though if I lived that close, I'd stop by everyday after work, like I stopped by the comic book shop when I was in jr. high.

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    Welcome! I work a few miles from EE. Great place to ogle knives. Dan and crew are a friendly bunch as well. Enjoy your hunt for the knife that will help start your career!

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    Thanks guys, seems like a great group here, and I've learned a lot just in the last week.

    I've convinced people I'm in school with to buy knives at EE just so I could go in with them and get a vicarious fix :-)

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    Hello! Welcome

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    The incredibly sophisticated Boise, ID <g>

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    Welcome to KKF! Your proximity to EE sounds like the bike shop, record store and head shop of my youth!

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