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    Hi folks, I've looked into this and can't find a problem myself but there's a couple of things that I can note that might help here.

    The first is the remote file uncheck thing mentioned by Mark. This is a feature that showed up a few months back when we had to upgrade the software. I personally don't care for this but it's here to stay because we have no choice.

    The second is that regardless of the above your pictures will always be resized if you upload them from your PC. They will be resized for the purpose of not throwing off the forum view. Many people today shoot mono monster sized images that need to be resized before uploaded but that never happens so the forum software provides this feature for us. This is actually a good thing even if it doesn't seem like it. Imagine a forum view where the pictures were so large that you had to move the image just to see only part of it, that sucks. Now on the flip side we shouldn't have re-sized images that are so small that we can't see any details, that sucks worse.

    Don't worry too much about it though, as soon as you figure it out they'll change it again.

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    Name:  BurkeFinal-L.jpg
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Size:  7.1 KBClick image for larger version. 

Name:	BurkeFinal-L.jpg 
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    The small pic is the size from yesterday. The second one is the size it's allowing me to upload today. It would be nice to get the size a bit bigger, if possible but this is already a significant improvement. Thanks, Dave. I can feel my blood pressure coming back down to normal.

    @Mark: No worries. Once I get to flip you off in person, we'll be cool.

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    I've searched for an answer on this problem and have tried every answer I found yet nothing works.

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    hmm I can click on the 2nd one(smaller) but I can't on the larger one. Not sure if you wanted that. when clicking on the smaller one you get a huge pic.

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    Yup. That's how I set it up. No matter what I do, that "huge" pic is the biggest I can get. It's fine though. Before, I was getting much smaller ones.

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    Just testing this myself...pls bear with me...

    Name:  IMG_1687.jpg
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    That is a photo I uploaded directly from the computer.

    Now Mark wrote..."Click on the small photo to enlarge it then right click and select copy image location.
    Then click photo icon again, select the from url, insert the copied image location in the field and uncheck the box and you get this."

    I'm not sure at what point you can click the image.....while I'm posting it just shows text 'attach=config ...etc.' sorry for being dense on this....

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    That looks good, though! What is it?

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    This forum has so much going for it, everything is in place. I hate using external sites for uploading pictures though. Why not make it available here? Most places put a restriction on pixles and kilobites... Why not do the same? I have made so many decent photoshop images with a good camera and had them reduced to thumbnails pretty much. Would it be possible to get 800 pixels wide at least???

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    We do have it available for subscribing members....

    I don't have a problem using the forum software for hosting my images.

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