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Thread: Recommend me yanagiba

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    Moritaka isn't a favorite around here because some of the grinds are suspect (over / under grinds that can ruin your knife). If you're dead set on buying from within Canada you should check out Tosho Knife Arts: and Knife Toronto:

    If you don't mind buying from the U.S. check out Japanese Knife Imports.

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    PBoy, I went with Mori knives when i first started too. I would not go that route again. They are good but the ones suggested above are better bets including the 300 Yaniagiba Hon Kasumi in Blue #2 Honton Sekon Dojo from Epic Edge (the one I have) $250. the profile is a little taller giving more surface area to use to arrange sliced fish on the plate. Amazing grind nothing else in this class for the $. At least that I could find and I'm a research-a-holic. IT why I love this forum and have great respect for its members.

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    That moritaka is not even a single bevel knife.

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