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Thread: Gmelia Burl

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    Gmelia Burl

    Greetings all,

    Anyone familiar with this wood and its properties relative to knife handles? It's got great figure, but would be interested in knowing more about it. Thanks.
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    If you're thinking about buying this piece, contact the seller to see if it has been stabilized and if so by who. That is a pretty piece of wood.

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    I would say it will work fine for a knife handle when stabilized (by K&G)
    The figure will likely look a little duller, but still plenty visible.

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    I have to dig around, I think I have a stabilized piece somewhere, but I have not worked with it, yet. Don't know much about the wood except that I bought it locally from someone who imports woods from SE Asia. I have seen it much more burly and figured than the piece you are showing.


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    Thanks for all the input. Very helpful.

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