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Thread: The paper test and the right angle

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    Learning to sharpen, and then being great at it, is a process...we've all been in your shoes before (it's actually funny to think back to those times now, as they seem so distant) but you will continue to have progress.

    You will go through the regular trials and tribulations, but keep at it.

    Not sure the last time your GLobal/Shuns were sharpened...but if it has been over a year with regular use, it is going to take a while to get a burr with a 1K stone for a noobie, especially depending on how low of an angle you are trying to sharpen at.

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    On a 1k stone and hard steel it'll take longer to raise a burr, also like Jon mentioned just keep going until you are sure it there and even along the entire edge.

    As many mentioned the guides won't help once you start free hand sharpening anyways the sharpie really helped me. Also make sure your putting enough pressure once te burr is formed lightly pressure gradually until burr is removed.

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    When I first started out sharpening all I had to go by were videos (Dave Martell, Salty and much later Jon from JKI). Hell I didn't even know what a burr was supposed to feel like until eventually after reading enough posts and watching videos over and over I figured out what the burr was and then how to finally make sure everything was removed. For a long time I was having to resharpen my daily driver knife (Fuji FKH Gyuto) every couple of weeks but that was because I never fully removed the burr and had a wire edge. Keep in mind I am a home cook and use my knife once a day on average so there was no reason I should of had to resharpen that often.

    Long story short and as Jarrod (Cadillac J) mentioned above, it takes time to learn and get good at sharpening just like any other task that requires muscle memory. Keep practicing and try to learn as much as you can from the people on this board and the videos available out there.
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    and practice practicee practice. The more you sharpen, the better you get.

    I think when I started I underestimated finger position when pressing the blade to the stone. Make sure your fingertips are almost in contact with the stone. And they will sometimes make that contact, and you will sometimes see blood

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