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Thread: Peaches Peaches Peaches

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gravy Power View Post
    Had mine for a couple of months now, currently hunting down a current student with my Gyuto who borrowed it one day, with my permission, but forgot to return it. This same kid lost one of the screws earlier and I had to replace it via a hardware store. If you get one, attach it to yourself.

    Once I get it back it's probably about do for a sharpening. Going to have to locate a skinny stone to do that with. Any cheap suggestions would be awesome.
    Might be able to use the side of a stone you already have.

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    rosle really is the best peeler, i don't use anything else for peeling stuff besides a western paring knife. but be careful, it is basically surgical and will take chunks off your hand if not paying attention while mass peeling potatoes/carrots/etc... i've had the unfortunate experience of taking off a chunk of my palm whilst in use. first discovered it while bargain shopping at a homegoods.

    i imagine you can buy replacement blades for it? wonder if there are any sources for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GlassEye View Post
    Might be able to use the side of a stone you already have.
    Actually yes, that will work quite perfectly...

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    Replacement blades are available here

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