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    I think we can do a process of elimination by accounting all sources you guys used your personal email at and narrowing down to 1-3 possible culprits and make a guess.

    Just a thought, why would an established vendor (like Korin or JCK) sell a list of their customers to a competitor, unless it is a subsidiary? It doesn't make sense.

    F+W Media (KF)? That's a possibility, but then they are not being very thorough, as I haven't received anything.


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    I have been getting stuff from blade since I signed up, and didn't get this company's spam. I have only used that email with kf, kkf, and ebay. I would think I would get one from a Pakastani spamer. I also use that e-mail for many "beta" games that I wanted to test so I get ton's of spam too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Martell View Post
    I'm 99% sure it's knifeforums as Dave suggests. Is there anyone who has gotten this e-mail who has NEVER signed up with knifeforums?

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    I would tend to agree, actually. Now that I think about it, ever since I signed up (a few months ago) I started receiving knife-related junk mail... never made the correlation before, but it's there.

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    Never got the mail

    Shops Ive used:
    CKTG, BluewayJapan and 3300mate.
    Forums Ive left my address on: KKF and KF

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    A little late, but I got whacked too. Got caught in the junk mail net.
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    Hmmm. I bet KF is it. Signed up seemingly a thousand years ago and barely used it.... but they'd have that email address for sure. Agree with the "that must be it" thoughts.

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    This company is also registered to the same street address

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    Google earth yields a nice residential street for the address; the owner must be operating out of his house

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