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Thread: does size really matter

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    does size really matter

    So, I want to order a Gesshin Ginga Gyuto from Jon tomorrow but the 240mm wa is out of stock but the 210 is in stock. I am currently using a Ken Onion Shun which is 8 inches. I would like to place an order an order Friday and was wondering if the 1" would make a difference.

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    It does a difference. A noticable one. How big a deal it is is personal

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    Depends on what you cut, how much of it you cut, and where you cut it. A 210 is plenty of knife for a home cook in a small kitchen on a little board. At work I use the biggest knife I can wield cuz I'm doing mire poix by the gallon.

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    If you're a home cook its a great size.

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    not at home.

    But maybe depends how big family you feed on regular basis?

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    It matters. It is personal and you need to test drive knives to find your own preference. I have a brand new misono ux10 with saya I will eventually put in B/S/T section that is 210mm Fortunately for me Pensacola Tiger very graciously sent me a 240mm and 270mm to test drive before I decided on length the a Rodrigue custom knife. I preferred the 270mm so much I bought it from him. Yet another act of kindness on his part. In the near future I will my custom 270mm and I know I will buy a 300mm as well. Wa vs western feel different too. I like the wa. Jon is a great guy and he won't steer you wrong.

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    I went from a 8" Wusthof chef's knife to a 210 Hiromoto gyuto, and felt the Hiro was too small. I picked up a 240 Hiro after that and was much happier. It helps to have a bigger cutting board as well, as it leaves you room to keep uncut and well as cut ingredients on the board and still give you working room.
    David (WildBoar's Kitchen)

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    If I were a home cook I'd get a 240. In work I use a 270. There's a massive difference between a 240 and a 210, and I don't see much of a downside with a 240, it is still a manageable size

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    Crap....I wish the 240 was in stock

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    yeah,,,people here mark that its so u know you are not 210 guy yourself?

    Get one first, if you dont like it, sell it, buy another one.

    Or ask someone here to borrow you one.

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