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Thread: An exotic chefs knife and the story behind it

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    Those are special, for sure. They aren't every day knives, just as you said, but they are really nice looking pieces. If they perform well, that's even better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marko Tsourkan View Post
    Can you include heel shots of this and other knives? It's hard to have an opinion about a knife without seeing its geometry, and even heel shots won't tell much. A video of actual cutting would be better.

    What to many outside this forum looks like a kitchen knife, to some here it might look like a bowie with a kitchen knife profile.

    Impressive skill on a last knife you posted, no doubt about it, but performance in a kitchen knife is a king. Aesthetics is important, but secondary to performance.

    Nice to hear from you, Marko. Here's a shot of the heel, but it's hard to tell what the grind is from this shot just as you predicted. The heel flares out a bit, which gives some finger comfort and provides a graceful transition to the bolster. For comparison's shake I included a shot of a Michael Rader/David Lisch damascus. Same idea, it flares out. I'll try to get a video going and include more heal shots in the future--thanks for the tip!
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    I can say aesthetically it is a beautiful knife! Looks a little thick in the geometry dept. but still a very nice set.

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    Very cool set.

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