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Thread: Tags (Badges) - What do they mean?

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    Tags (Badges) - What do they mean?

    Underneath some member usernames will be seen a tag (or badge) displayed. Below are the definitions of these identifying items....

    = Founders of KKF

    = Site Administrator (The Big Boss)

    = Global Moderator (Assigned to the Entire Forum)

    = Moderator (Local Mod - Assigned to Specific SubForums)

    = A Vendor

    = A Professional Craftsman (Vendor)

    = A Hobbyist Craftsman

    = A member who is a current supporting membership subscription holder

    = One of the original members who signed up as either a supporting member or vendor/craftsman

    = A distinguishing award given to members who have contributed to the quality of KKF by going above and beyond the normal level of contribution in some unique way.
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