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Thread: Fish n Poi - The Original Rehandle King

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpikeC View Post
    I believe that I saw a picture of him using a homemade punch to make that texture. I don't remember exactly where, tho.
    You sure you're not thinking of David B? I remember thinking it was pretty crazy that he made a punch just to texture bolsters.

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    I think you're right!
    Does look alike, tho!
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    I feel very lucky to have one of his creations. Cck cleaver with mango wood on page 1 that I bought from Andy. Serve me well until today and holding up very well in pro kitchen

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Martell View Post

    I am fortunate enough to be the present custodian of this guy.
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    Oh wow seeing the older Hiromoto and Takeda's was painfull. I remember long nights in chat with Fish and the rest of the old school guys here and there. I believe Fish sent me my first Japanese knife as he was the only one in the group that had my address at that time. I had bought a petty off him just a few days before it arrived, not knowing that Koki got stuff to you in 3 days lol. Fish and I where working on getting my heromoto rehandled just before his health tanked. We never got together again after that...

    His work was really out there for it's time

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    One thing I love about some of Fish's western handles is that they're tapered/narrowed at the end of the handle. This makes perfect sense to me because if you look at your hand when gripping something, the area where your ring finger and pinky are is narrower than where your thumb, index finger and middle finger are. It would seem that these handles are super comfortable and relaxing to hold.
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    Here is one that some how I didn't post. This was one I had Fish actually buy the knife and handle it before I actually got to see it. It is a 150mm Hattori Honiseki.

    Name:  Fish Hattori 150mm boning_1.jpg
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    I just saw this thread again and found the nakiri I have which Fish rehandled. The handle is immaculate and the workmanship is superb. Fish did a marvelous job. I use the knife rarely and make sure it is put up dry and clean. With the work Fish put into the handle, I don't want sloppy care on my part to spoil it.

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