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Thread: Kitchen Scores- Post your new gear here

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    Quote Originally Posted by WildBoar View Post
    Nice, ptolemy! Ours has been getting a good workout this afternoon. ~11 years old now; the first 10-1/2 years all I had to do was replace a few igniters (mine came with the older 'open' style, as did some of the earlier replacements), and finally the spark box went this past year (most of the makers has failures over the years due to the OEM supplier most were using). Easy to DIY, and very little to go wrong!
    I hope so. I hope mine will last many years. It's not the perfect fit, 1.5" too tall (I had to get feet to highest because my gas valve was in middle not left edge, so when gas man moved it horizontally, i had to get feet up to get hose/etc under. and it protrudes 2.5" or so but it's not a bit deal. I am very happy overall. Just have to learn it now, but it's a good kind of learning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ptolemy View Post
    My stove started throwing errors and such and it was about time...

    such a beast... going from 11k to 21k btu burner is like driving a miata and switch to a porsche
    solid choice my friend! loving my blue star too!

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    ptolemy, that is one hell of a score!!

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    Don't drink out of ornamental ponds in Tiergarten. You will get sick.

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