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Thread: pinch on j-knives

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    pinch on j-knives

    OK, in another recent thread there was discussion concerning using a pinch vs hammer or pointing grip (finger on spine). I was taught long ago the pinch and have been using it exclusively on larger knives for years, but after having read the thread "which 210mm gyuto should i buy" there was discussion that other grips may be more useful with the lighter j-knives. The thread was directed towards someone with wrist issues, but the way I read the response it was pointing to more of an overall sea-change.

    Wondering if there is a general consensus on this or if it is more individual...I have continued to use a pinch with my new j-knives, but now I am starting to be curious if this is the 'right' or most efficient way. Hate to re-learn my technique, but am willing if it is more efficient. As to comfort, I am a home cook so not prepping gallons of mirepoix.


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    just go with what feels right. There is no right or wrong way to hold the knife, it is very individual. Some, may argue otherwise, but they are not the one using it.
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    When learning a musical instrument, say classical guitar, you must do very strict body, wrist, and hand positions so that you can break every rule in the book and become a rock & roll genius.
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    Thanks guys, I know I start with a pinch for general use, but depending on what I am cutting, I wind up using different grips as I work my way around/through food. Just wanted to make sure I am not missing out on anything, but at my age I likely wouldn't find a change all that easy anyway.

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    I've stopped using a pinch grip on most things in favor of a point, or sometimes the finger just resting on the side of the blade. Also try to keep as light as grip as possible. Its just easier on your muscles I find.

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    I was taught the pinch grip in culinary school 20 years ago and still use it but I am looking forward to my new Jknife so I can try another type of grip but......old habits die hard

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    I find that a pinch grip on a wa-handled western style J-Knife is most comfortable to me. When it comes to single-beveled knives and techniques, the game completely changes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sachem allison View Post
    just go with what feels right. There is no right or wrong way to hold the knife, it is very individual. Some, may argue otherwise, but they are not the one using it.
    Lol. "Space is mind dust, and stars are but wishes!" C'mon now, Beth Gaga Shaggy, there might be few wrong ways to hold a knife.

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    I use pinch ,hammer and point grip depending on what's being cut.

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    For me, its dependant on both the knife and the type of cuts im making. Experimenting and getting comfortable with multiple grips and motions is a practical endevor as well as fun.

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