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Thread: Selling Stuff-not knives

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    Selling Stuff-not knives

    I am the owner of a rather larger and valuable Star Wars collection. I'm looking to sell my collection to fund this disgusting addiction I have(guess what it is?) and to jump start my family's move to the coast. Does anyone have any tips or ideas? I have never sold any thing on Ebay, and cataloging and photographing thousands of figures, toys, statues ,etc. is a huge task.
    I recently joined a Star Wars collector's forum(the same layout as kkf) but don't know how well a newbie seller would be recieved.
    Also-will trade Star Wars for knives works too!
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    Maybe start selling some lower priced items on the forum to build a positive reputation and then introduce higher priced items

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    Post some on CL local cash will be better than anything that involves shipping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rahimlee54 View Post
    Post some on CL local cash will be better than anything that involves shipping.
    Great idea - I've always been pleasantly surprised by how much you can make selling locally on CL.

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    If you have time, piecing out your collection will get you a bigger return by far--there are countless eBay businesses that just buy up collections, either on eBay or at various trade shows, and then piece them out. It's just a matter of being willing to take the slow train to payday and communicate with a few thousand people.

    If you just need the money now and want to make the most out of it, Auction it.

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