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Thread: The beauty of the BERKEL slicer

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    Btw, I remember why the idea of a refurbished berkel slicer started slipping from my mind -- THE PRICE.

    A really good restoration through Emilio for the smaller models runs 10k+ (without stand) and I have read that others who have gotten the Italian refurbishment for the bigger models have spent up to 20k. My guess is that if you found a decent deal on eBay with most of the parts and had it refurbished, you might get down in the 7k range.

    Restored H8 $10,500.


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    You are here: Home / Restoration / Restoration and Prices
    Restoration and Prices

    This post is also available in: German, Italian
    Different historical factors are taken into consideration for pricing:

    Rarity, origin of manufacture, condition and, of course, initial state, etc.
    Similar to the oldtimer restoration, the state of the machine is at first inspected and preserved. Missing parts and parts to be restored are counted up. The defects found during the restoration will be repaired. A list of all real restoration operations will be drawn to quantify the actual cost.
    The general arrangement ultimately determines the final product. The higher the quality and cost of the project execution, the more expensive it is. But it ensures the keeping of the value of a rarity for both novice users and a meticulous collector.
    The price includes a detailed training about the use and maintenance of the purchased units.
    The cost of delivery will be calculated based on the distance / effort and made specially with the use of secure boxes

    available for purchase


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    Yeah, that's actually less than I might have guessed. 7-8K seems like a bargain, 20k for something big with all of the pin-striping and mirror polish sounds more like what I was thinking. Thanks for the link to the H8, I couldn't find anything on his site other than "it depends..." and "contact me to discuss your order".... which certainly makes sense with something this complex.

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