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Thread: Lookin' for a little help...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mano View Post
    Smoking Meat Forum has directions for smoking brisket that's worked for years. As you see above there are many variations to doing a brisket as there are doing butts and ribs.

    Trim brisket and apply rub and let sit for an hour or longer.

    Use wood chips of choice. Soaking chips makes no difference, IMO nor does using a water pan (which I use in my cheap electric Brinkman).

    Smoke brisket to 170 deg.

    Wrap in foil with a good splash of your spray/mop-back into the smoker until it reaches 190 deg.

    Wrap in several old towels and place into a blanket lined cooler for a couple of hours to rest and redistribute the juices then slice or pull and serve.

    Keep in mind that a piece of meat this size will hit a plateau and you'll think your thermo has gone south on you. DO NOT adjust your heat, Just leave it alone-It's is during this time that the heat that has built up in the muscle mass begins to break down the connective tissue which in turn will make the brisket tender. Be patient with it and it will reward you a great meal.

    Also, brisket is much more finicky than pork butt, which is pretty hard to ruin.
    The 170 degrees you mentioned is much too low in my experiance, I know you are letting the internal rise while resting, but I do not see it rising that much. I use a probe to tell me when the brisket is done. It should slide in with NO resistance.

    Sometimes it's 195 and sometimes its 205. I let the meat tell me when its ready.

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    Jim, the 170 is the temp to wrap in foil and return to heat (I put it in the oven) until it hits 190, which is close to your target temp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mano View Post
    Jim, the 170 is the temp to wrap in foil and return to heat (I put it in the oven) until it hits 190, which is close to your target temp.
    Ahh... Indeed!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyle View Post
    Are you still choosing between the Komodo and the Cookshack? If those are your choices go Cookshack. It has enough room to feed a party or cater but it's efficient enough to fire it up for a rack of ribs for the family. I'm sure the Komodo Kamado is a beautiful work of art, but I don't see how it's worth the $2000+ difference over a BGE. If you have other choices in mind then that changes things.

    Good luck!
    Thanks Kyle. I think I'm just going to go with a BGE for the time being. They're more available, there's more support and they're $2000 less than a Cookshack or BGE.

    I do eventually want to get a Cookshack because I'm hoping to open a barbecue place in the future; a pellet burner seems to offer more consistency than any other cooker simply because it uses pellets, and getting a consistent source of high quality wood can be difficult at times. I called Cookshack yesterday, got a price quote for the FEC100, found out about their classes, etc., and prices. It's like $3500 plus $100 for shipping. It's a little steep for my wallet right now, but hopefully not in the future.

    Thanks again for your comments. I appreciate it.
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    You're going to love the BGE. My cheap Chinese BGE knockoff kicks so much butt even though it's ugly and looks like it was assembled by toddlers. I want to sell it and upgrade to a BGE but I might just buy another knife or two instead.

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    Barbecue stuff vs. Knife stuff. That is currently the dilemma of my life.
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    Well today is the day. Got a nice 8 pound, 21 day aged hunk of black angus. Mixed up a rub, as per a valued forum member, let it sit 24 hours, put it on this morning at 8:00, it now 2:30, thing are looking good. Meat is soft to the touch, haven't checked internal temp yet, dont want to let out the heat. A quick question, would a BBQ sauce over do it, or would it be best to leave it to the dry spices?? Got about 4 hours till supper. Hope someone is on with some good advice!

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    I would hold off on the sauce until after tasting. I like to let the meat and rub do the talking. If it needs sauce so be it, butt taste first, is my motto!
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