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    $160 here, so...yeah? About the same as getting it from SLT with an employee discount.
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    I bought this knife (7-inch) for the exact same price, except it also came with a crappy cutting board:

    Your's seems like a better deal, but knowing what I know now I would put my money towards a custom job...

    I do like the Myabi Birchwood series, as far as production knives go. My SLT is out of them though.

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    Atleast that little shun has a better profile than the regular models.

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    The Miyabi VG10 is >>>>>> than the Shun variant.
    "God sends meat and the devil sends cooks." - Thomas Deloney

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    Not bad, although I hate the handles on the kaizen knives. I do like the miyabi fusions though.
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    show them what they won carol merrill

    well.. i thought it was funny
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    The Kaizen came out at that price, so I think it's as low as they can go.
    Nice knives....
    That Shun of yours looks good too, actually.

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    That Shun's profile looks FAR better then my 8".

    Thanks for the tip off Dave,
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    I bought several of those Miyabis as Xmas gifts, at the same price point. Nice steel. Comfortable handle. Not much taper; can seem a touch thick at the tip....
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