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Thread: Summer School 2012

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    I looked around and found I don't have any true J-knives. Will my Artifex and Addict be okay to bring?
    Yeah they should do OK

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    I just wanted to say thanks to all of you who came out to the class today and endured the heat with us, you are some dedicated sharpeners for sure.


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    Lots of fun, very informative, and great to put some faces to names. A great time was had by me, and all others by the looks of them. Thanks Dave!

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    I hate you guys.
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    Who all went? My dad said most people from here?
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    The thing about a good teacher, besides the passion to to do things right, is just the opportunity to pick up on the non-verbal stuff. It was great to watch the smoothness and control of the motions, have the opportunity to ask questions, and hear the thoughts that don't always make it onto a forum. Thanks for the class. It was nice to meet some of the folks again and some new ones but I missed a couple down at the other end of the table. Was that you, JMac...I wanted to say hey. I'm looking forward to another class - not going is not an option.
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    Summer School 2012

    Hello All.
    I just signed up to the forum this morning as I felt guilty admitting to everyone At Daves's sharpening class that I was a lurker. The class was great, as well as all fellow knife enthusiasts that attended. Thank you Dave for your patience in answering all my questions. I only wish I had more knives to have been able to sharpen. I am sure you all will help me with that issue in days to come. I also wanted to thank Ben and Homegirl for letting me use their diamonds to condition my stone with.

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    welcome to the forum Nittanychef.
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    Welcome to the top side of the Knut House!
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