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Thread: Good sources for wooden steak platters?

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    Good sources for wooden steak platters?

    Hi anyone here has good ideas for a simple wooden platter that I can serve steaks on? Getting a set of knives made, and don't want to ruin the edge on ceramic plates come the day.

    All suggestions much appreciated.

    If the wood pusher starts milling plate shaped blocks of wood, let me know.

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    hmm. maybe i should get some of these too...

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    Etsy has a whole bunch of guys who make smaller cutting boards. Something there might work, or you could commission some.
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    I think etsy is a good idea here are some sample's


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    I saw some of those choices when I did the basic google...

    In my own private opinion... they are ugly. Was hoping someone here had better ideas given the level of elevated OCD people on the forum have...

    Group comission TK59?

    Was hoping someone could make something a little more special for not too much money... perhaps with natural borders on one side either with maple or with a more inexpensive wood which has a nice figure without being stabilised.

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    I agree Tristan, they are ugly. How about a piece of wood shaped into a regular plate, both square or round. I would be happy and content with that, I don't need a mini-trough.
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    hmmm...are you interested in having one that is flat like a cutting board? Blood groove? One piece of lumber(instead of glued together)?

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    I would love these too, I bought some in Guam i love but they are getting well used. Etsy seemed like the right place to look, but they are either crazy expensive or very unnattractive. The nicer ones are also not food friendly, usually.

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    It would seem like either a blood groove or an upturned lip would be needed to contain the juice. If the latter, it could be done with a separate piece of wood, or by turning or routing a thicker board (more $). I think routed/ turned plates would be the best. A set of 4 or 6 would probably be pretty pricey.

    And just imagine coming home one night and finding out a visiting relative used one, and left it to soak in the sink for a few hours
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    A quick search yielded this:
    They look nice. A bit pricey at ~$30 each, but what can you do.



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