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    Just ordered my first board from BoardSmith!! Now the wait

    Chris D.

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    What did you decide on?

    (And congrats.)

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    Just be sure to make it clear exactly what you expect to receive. I failed to do so and was fault entirely and no reflection on David. His workmanship is impeccable.

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    The small hard maple! It was a tough choice between wood types!!

    Chris D.

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    Congrats! Always good to start with a maple, then accessorize with walnut, cherry and mahogany later on.
    David (WildBoar's Kitchen)

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    Congratulations! I have the maple magnum. No regrets. Love mine don't know how I lived without mine before. I use it daily.

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    The wait's not easy. I'm a few weeks away from my custom mahogany.

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    Got a question for you fine folks.... Received my first board made out of hard maple and I was surprised to see a couple of pieces that I would not consider as "select grade with almost no blemishes". Could someone host pictures for me so I can get your options please?

    Chris D.

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    It would have been better to have contacted me prior with photos, descriptions and questions before posting here. I would have been happy to work with you.

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