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Thread: Musk ox horn as a handle material.

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    Musk ox horn as a handle material.

    I recently acquired a small piece of musk ox horn, with the intention of using it as a ferrule. The transaction went fine, the piece is the right size, and it's a nice color. It's relatively straight-grained, rather than "brainy".

    So, after having the piece for a couple of days, I sanded and buffed the exposed surfaces just to see what it might look like on a knife. I have to say, matched with the right wood, it would look good.

    The question is, what happens when this stuff gets wet? In another recent thread, the owner of a knife with a musk ox horn handle allowed as how the handle got very sticky when wet. This would correspond with my experience, except that my piece also gets dull. A wet thumbprint has to be buffed out after it dries to return the original gloss.

    So, what's the story? Is this handle material or not? Does it have to age? Should it be coated with something? Or should the knife just be put on a pedestal?

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    And may I add: Nothing beats musk ox as handle material Nothing Ive tried so far...

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    Cool. Thanks for the informative and quick reply. Everyone's asleep around here.

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    I live in Norway. Lunchtime 11:49

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    Thanks for bringing up this thread again, I was wondering where I had read that.

    Time for bed now out here in the Pacific...


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    I need some Musk Ox horn... can't believe I missed the group buy from Randy.

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    Do you guys think its overkill to put mosk ox on damscus blade? Or would mono blade look better?

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    Damascus and musk ox are a great combination IMO.. All of the knives with musk ox horn that have really stuck out as exceptional in my mind had damascus blades..

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    Randy - What are you going to do with your musk ox part?

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