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    Quote Originally Posted by SpikeC View Post
    I dunno, man, that small one looks like it has some overgrinds...................
    Hahahahahaha smartass....

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    lmao, indeed Spike!
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    I'm digging both, nice job Mr. Davis.
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    I always wondered how they sliced the potatoes for Ruffles.
    Maybe a push dagger paring knife? Make it a necker too!
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    Hmmmm. I have a few ideas...maybe a few pics later today

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    I like the little one. When I first started reading this forum someone was talking about how to incorporate weave into handles (like on a 10 speed handle bars). Mike you hit the nail on the head here. Love what you did there.

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    I just sharpened the big one (stones, dirt, branches and cardboard take a toll on an edge) and it got wicked sharp in literally, and I mean literally, 1 minute. Beautiful!

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