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Thread: Knife-Friendly Cameras

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    Knife-Friendly Cameras

    Since I've been harped on for not providing good pictures of the knives, equipment, etc. that I have, what cameras (body and basic lens) up to $500 do you recommend? I don't particularly want something too bulky, but would definitely consider a micro 4:3 camera.


    P.S. - Yes, I'm talking about you, TK.
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    Canon S90/S95/S100.

    I have an S95 that I enjoy, but the camera on my HTC One X is nearly as good in a lot of cases (shocking but true), so I may get rid of it and get a DSLR since my phone can now be pocketable camera option.

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    When your camera has to be Knife specific you know your in deep.
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    X2 on Canon.

    I am shooting with a Rebel T3i and love it! Not sure if you can get into a new one with lens for under 500.00?? But if you look on Ebay you may get lucky. Image Stabilizing lens is also recommended and has made a huge improvement in my photos.

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    I had a Canon Rebel...don't remember the model number...but it was circa the Andre Agassi ads....IE long ago and not high end. At my wife's urging I replaced it with a Canon 7D, together with a good lens. Camera guys always tell me that it was a good choice, but I swear I have better photos from the old camera.

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    I went through a few micro 4/3 cameras and really like them. Using a GH2 and a GF2 right now - if the pics don't come out right it's almost certainly user error. They are a bit pricy for what they are but I like that they are a touch smaller and easy to carry with a few lenses. Image quality of any of them will be between the compacts (like S95) and a DSLR, but much closer to the DSLR side. If you want to shoot sports or black-cladded ninjas at night, you will need a DSLR, for everything else, the m4/3 and the better compacts (Canon S100 / Panasonic LX5 / Olympus ZX1) will do just fine. More flexibility with exchangeable lenses, of course.


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    Quote Originally Posted by mhlee View Post
    ...P.S. - Yes, I'm talking about you, TK.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBroida View Post
    what lens were you shooting with before and what was the new lens?
    I'm not able to check right now....but if memory serves it's a 24 - 205 - ish...USM lens. Was a separate purchase and more than half the cost of the camera. The Rebel was a complete package deal so I assume the lens was absolutely nothing special. To further clarify on the quality - it's the color I feel is lacking. The new camera is clearly faster - which is why we got it in the first place - my wife was ticked at missing our girls sports photos. The camera will click away all day and twice on Sunday. But when I take a composed still shot, I feel the end result doesn't measure up, especially now that our photos are in CR2 format. It's probably just the simple non-photograher in me, but I like the 8 MB or less, e-mailable, good looking photos from that crappy Rebel.

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