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Thread: Confirmation

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    Senior Member Johnny.B.Good's Avatar
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    Aug 2011
    Bay Area, CA
    Love Salty vids.

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    Mar 2012
    Been putting off ordering a custom Pierre, and it just keeps getting harder, my friend at work is getting a suji right now, it seems Pierre is taking over, Oh Canada. Great vid salty, if it laughs at the 400 sounds like it will take you a little bit to put a really scary sharp edge, I bet it holds about 80% long long time though. Any idea what steel that one is salty? I know Pierre dabbles in all types of stuff.

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    Senior Member markenki's Avatar
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    Just like old times. Great video as always, Salty. Thanks for sharing.

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    Alberta, Canada
    For now, all I will say the steel is a high carbon powder steel. It game out of HT at HRC 69, I drew it back to 64.5. It has flex, my limited testing says its tough, and doesn't seem to be prone to chipping. I asked Salty to give it a good run, and he was gracious enough to help me out. I didn't think he had tried any of my knives yet, so I figured I would get a fair, clean evaluation of the steel. I'll say this, it doesn't want to be polished at all! If I do end up using it again, and I repeat this transitional grind, I will have to rethink how to do it. Reactivity seems to be in line with O1. I expect edge retention to be very high. Down side to the steel, you will be sharpening it longer than other steels to refine the edge.

    Thanks again Salty!

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    Canada's Sharpest Lefty
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    Amazing work, both of you!
    I wonder how it compares to S35VN, or others on the stones. Salty, do you think it might be a diamond plate knife?

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    wyoming, closer to nowhere than somewhere.
    Great vid as always Salty. Love the knife too. I started out watching it like , then, then , then

    So many sweet emotions going on there. I wonder how it would be trying to sharpen it at 69 hrc.

    Pierre, Great looking knife. That spacer is just popping and very striking. Def. a functional piece of art.

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