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Thread: A Power Sword's Day at the Spa

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    A Power Sword's Day at the Spa

    Oi folks,

    As many of you know, I own a 270mm custom Rodrigue gyuto in CPM-154, which was affectionately dubbed "the Power Sword" and regarding which I wrote a gushing joyful review here. As we often do with knives we love and cherish, I abused the living hell out of this knife: it spent more time in the kitchen than many of my coworkers, was used extensively daily, and got banged on more than my last ex did the first week after we split. Naturally, this left the knife a little... under the weather. Between the chips, the scratches, the dings and all the other abuse it suffered, I decided to send it back to Pierre for a stint in the day spa.

    Never one to be content with a simple tune-up, Pierre gave the knife a complete overhaul and I couldn't be happier. For starters, the knife was initially fully flat ground and a little chunky behind the edge (as I mentioned in my first review.) The "new and improved" version has been thinned dramatically, losing about 25% of it's initial weight, and given slight convexity to help with food release. Secondly, after all the talk I've done about preferring knives with a more functional tip, Pierre brought the spine down quite a bit and made it much more pointy and nimble. Third, the entire blade was taken to higher level of polish than before, which was completely unnecessary and just shows with more clarity all the scratches I've since put on it (but damn it looks nice!). Lastly, he smoothed over the ding I somehow got in the choil and then refinished the handle to it's original luster.

    All in all, he didn't just tune the knife up, he went beyond any reasonable expectations and made it a completely new (and better, IMHO) knife instead.

    The original knife:

    After the day spa:

    I have a "before" choil shot and will post it, as well as an "after" shot, once the sun finds it's way to this part of the world.

    Thanks again Pierre!

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    I like the tip much better. Gorgeous knife! Enjoy the refurb!
    Tom Gray, Seagrove, NC

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    The original knife was like a sexy full figured gal. After Pierre's spa treatment it's a sexy lithe figured thing of beauty.

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    Super Nice!
    I like it a lot!

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    Nice chopper Mr. Lahey.

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    HOLY CRAP. That is something of a "repair job".

    *edit* is the "power sword" thing a WH40K reference?

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    Great looking knife B4 and after! Pierre is top notch all the way!!

    Inspired by God, Forged by Fire, Tempered by Water, Grounded by Earth, Guided by the spirit.. Randy Haas

    Availible Knives

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    I prefer the post-spa profile.

    Thanks for the pics. Great looking knife.

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    25% weight reduction?! Wow! The new profile looks great.

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    Went in to the thread, expecting that Martell or Burke had gotten in one of those electrical saw-like knifes for a sharpening or something.

    Saw another OP, and saw the knives, beautiful knives, but a bit disappointed that the tv-shop knives weren't present!

    Great job Pierre!

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