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Thread: Crazy Carter handle

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    Do what I did and come back and look at it in a few hours. I bet you'll kinda be thinking about it while you're away and then when you see it again, you like it even more (or actually like it, depending on your current view).

    Take a look around at:

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    lol I like the purple heart, it just needs something to incorporate the color into the top part of the handle. I did misunderstand, but I think the problem is either the horn not working with the purple heart. The purple heart wants to take the color flow (is that a term) one way. Were as the horn pulls it another way. I hope this makes sense, because right now my vocabulary isn't working how I want it to.

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    Well.... I'd take it over a stock Carter handle, that's for sure.

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    I actually like it, though I think it could do without the purple heart.

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    Bit too much going on there for my taste, but it's certainly interesting.

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    It looks horrible! Let me tuck it deep in my knife roll so no one will ever have to lay their eyes on it ever again.
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    Looks more like lacewood than snakewood to me. Is it round or D? Can't tell.

    I tend to frown upon any radical departure from the norm (tried and true), so I don't see the reason to make an exception in this case.

    Colors, proportions (length) of the components, and order really makes a bid difference in handle's look. Japanese have done a good job figuring that out.

    I don't understand a reason reinventing a wheel, unless you can keep the harmony. I have rarely seen that coming from new sources. BK might be one exception.

    I am not sure how seeing a bajillion Wa handles, most of them plain ho wood, will give you a better understanding of a harmony (size, proportions, colors, etc).


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    Oh, I wasn't saying that, though I personally think Carter has excellent design skills...some of his high end customs are mind-boggling.

    It's just that after a bajillion Wa handles you get tired of the seeing ho wood with black buffalo horn on it. I'm already bored with it.

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    I like that it's not a tacky as most custom handles... IMO.

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