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Thread: grits

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pensacola Tiger View Post
    Dave, I never thought you were trying to insult anyone, or anything. I was just responding to your remark. Living in the South, I'm always being kidded about grits. My brother-in-law lives outside New York City, and he won't eat them. Funny thing is that he will eat polenta, which is almost the same thing.

    All kidding aside, grits, prepared correctly, can be a real treat.

    No no, just kidding

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveRossy View Post
    No, not the food (if you can call it that) I was wondering, I am just getting into sharpening and I have a 1000/6000 that I have been using but I see here on the forum people use 8000 and 10000 and I was wondering do these higher grits give you a sharper edge?
    Generally speaking, yes a higher 'grit' can give a 'sharper' edge, but it's a variable thing...

    Very sharp for me is shaving sharp, enough to trim my sideburns without wincing. But that's actually 'too sharp' for some tasks. Odd, but true.

    'Grit' is also variable, and a stone of the same 'grit' compared to another identical grit stone won't always yield the same results. Heck, some stones if identical numerical 'grit' don't have the same sized 'grit' in them.

    Case in point, I have several #1000 stones, and no two work the same. Ranging from a ragged edge to smooth, bushed finish to soft polish to wet-chrome polish. They're all #1000 stones, but what they give you edge wise is very different.

    The stone you have should be more than up to the job of sharpening almost anything perfectly adequately for anything you're likely to attempt for now.

    (Or in other words, what you got isn't broken, so don't fix it!)


    (My newest 1K stone scares me...)

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    Mmmm...this thread has me thinking about Shrimp and Grits from New Orleans.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stereo.pete View Post
    Mmmm...this thread has me thinking about Shrimp and Grits from New Orleans.
    Amen to that Pete - Would love some bbq shrimp n cheese grits right now.

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    Dude what's up with you people?

    I've never had grits I enjoyed more than white grits with sea salt and spring butter.

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