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Thread: Gray Kunz Spoons

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    Quote Originally Posted by kostantinos View Post
    I agree with Johnychance about tasting spoons but please remember taste sanitize and rinse then dry might become a process.

    i use plastic spoons at work taste once and gone and sometimes i feel guilty for the landfill even though we recycle a good 60% and compost etc.Still i consider plastic an enemy of environment .

    Kunz large size are useful i have about 2 in my kit , bunch of tweezers and other solid spoons but i do have 2 perforated kunz that i use for plate up both small and large as well.
    For tasting spoons, I just grab a handful of spoons from the front of the house and keep them close by in a 9 pan.

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    I've seen in fine dining places its common to keep spoons in a bain marie (well, just a 9pan with water). Some have two 9pans, one for clean spoons and one for dirty spoons. However the spoons are never sent to the dish, every so often both are just rinsed out with hot water.

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