Hey guys. I hate to even ask. But this community of knife KNUTS. has become what I consider a source of both knowledge, entertainment and friendship.. and in general.. Great folks!! So I come to this community seeking wise council..

I would like to think I am a "good" knife maker. However. I fall short as a businessman in the respect that I dont know the first thing about tax law. and or structuring my finances. write offs, partnerships. etc. etc.

Its time to make some changes and I need some help. I know very little bout this or how to go about doing it. There are a few "accountants" local. But honestly, I would rather work with one of you guys or gals.. Then try to find someone in my (small) community.. Im also pretty sure. some of you are much further in your profession and more experienced then any of these local guys! (small town) I think some of ya run businesses and have real world experience that would be helpful and beneficial to HHH's continued success.

Sure. I could spend a bunch of time on the web seeking knowledge. and have done so in many subjects.. Yet this is one area, I just cant seem to find what I am looking for. OR the info I find is so diverse. and even contradictory that It leaves me with more questions then answers. So again. Here I am in the KNUT house asking for help...

There are a few issues that I really need to address. Both as a business, expecting continued growth. As well as to set up my family and Jr's family into the future. Some advise on possibly adding Randy Jr. to HHH as a partner in the company. And some of the things necessary when ya go from a tiny company, to a small company..

On a side note. Im not looking for a free ride and am willing to compensate fairly, for sound advise. and your time and help in this matter.

Anyone who would be willing to share some of your expertise with this crazy knife maker.. Please message me privately. Then we can take it to email or phone..

Thanks once again to the KKF and everyone here for your continued support and encouragement.

God Bless YA